Rental conditions

Terms and Conditions

General rental conditions:

1. The applied rate includes: Taxes, unlimited KMs, cancellation of the reservation 48 hours before, a second driver, child seats and comprehensive insurance withand excess.

2. When collecting the car, you must present a credit card in the name of the rental contract holder and/or 250€ in cash including a debit card if you do not have acredit card; Likewise, the customer must present a valid driving license, with a minimum of 2 years on the driving licence and a minimum age of 22 years old,which qualifies to drive the rented vehicle; in addition to a personal identification document or passport. When the lessee is unable to present these documentswhen collecting the vehicle, Mas Rental Car may refuse to enter the contract or withdraw from it, even if it has already been signed. In this case, the customer willnot be able to claim any breach of contract.

3. The minimum rental period will be one day (24 hours) and the maximum will be determined in the contract, specifying the delivery and collection location. Therental days will be computed in periods of 24 hours, granting a courtesy period of 59 minutes extra. If the previous period is not met, the daily rate of the rentedcategory plus a supplement of 10.95€ would apply. If the customer wishes to extend the contract, they may do so at least 5 hours before the end of the contract inour offices or through our reservation telephone number. The availability for the extension of the contract of that vehicle will be considered.

Management conditions:

1. Infractions committed while driving the vehicle will be the responsibility of the customer; In addition, DGT fines, parking fines or sanctions received by anypublic body has an administration cost of 15€, which will be charged to the card number provided by the customer.

2. Our fuel policy determines that the vehicle will be returned with the same amount of fuel received; if it is less, the corresponding current applicable rate will becharged, including 5.95€ for administration fees. In the same way, the company does not refund money for a quantity of fuel greater than that received.

General Insurance and Protections conditions:

1. MAS RENTAL CAR has a fully cover insurance with an excess of 250€, that means that any damage to the car or the occupants in case of adequate use of thevehicle will be cover.

2. The excess shall apply, in whole or in part, to the payment of any sum owed by the customer to Mas Rental Car. The Client expressly authorizes Mas Rental Carto charge the debit/credit card or cash given by the client to the extent of the amount due.

3. Any accident/incident must be reported to the company as soon as possible. In case of minor damages such as scratches or small dents less than 15 cm or 2 cm indiameter, the Client will be exempt from the excess fee.

4. It is the client ́s obligation to use the vehicle respecting the traffic law of the country, in force at the time, being directly responsible for any damage or lost causedby the vehicle or to third parties if this were not the case and will be fully responsible for the damages caused. The insurance will not be responsible for accidentsunder the influence of alcohol and/or narcotic substances.

5. In case of theft, the client must contact the company and the police immediately. Likewise, neither the insurance not Mas Rental Car is responsible for stolen,forgotten, or lost objects that have been left inside the vehicle, -even after the return of the vehicle, damage or loss of clothing, valuables, computer equipment,mobile devices, etc. and any object or merchandise transported in vehicle.

6. Our insurance does not cover costs related to underbody damage of the car, clutch damage, engine damage due to misuse, special cleaning, incorrect fuel, loss ordamage to keys, damage to extras such as child seats, damage to equipment (radios, trunk trays, etc.) damage to upholstery, dead battery when leaving the lightson, running out of fuel, etc. These will be paid entirely by the client. In the event of warning on the dashboard, the Mas Rental Car team must be notified as soonas possible.

7. Our vehicles will not be able to leave the island, where the contract has been made, without the express authorization of the company.

Cancellation Policy:

1. Mas Rental Car will not refund any amount if the reservation is not cancelled at least 48hrs before the rental starts.

2. If the client is going to experience a delay of more than one hour, they must notify it by calling +34 630106460. If they wish to change the pickup time, they mustnotify us as soon as possible, considering that their reservation is valid for a maximum of 2 hours after which it will be cancelled.

Cleaning policy:

1. The client must make proper use of the vehicle and return it in reasonable clean condition on the interior. Otherwise, a surcharge of 30,95€ per cleaning will apply.

Negligence and not allowed:

1. The client must keep the vehicle in good condition, not allowing any exterior or interior modification, keeping all the accessories that are in it without making anymodification. Otherwise, the customer will bear all costs to return the vehicle to its original condition. If in any case the vehicle arrives without any of the vehiclestickers, 10€ will have to be paid for each of them.

2. Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicle and a fine of 100€ will be applied if there is any indication of having smoked (smell or tobacco residue).

3. Damage caused by the driver ́s negligence such as loss of keys, damage to them, incorrect fuel refuelling, etc will be fully paid by the client.

4. Only the customers or, in the case of business customers, the driver specified in the rental agreement may drive the vehicle. The rules regarding age and length ofpossession of the driving license will also apply to added drivers. At the time of collecting the vehicle, it is mandatory to present the original driving license andDNI/Passport of all drivers who will be in the agreement and only they will be able to drive the vehicle.

5. The vehicle may only be driving non-public, paved roads. The use of the vehicle is not permitted: in sports competitions, specifically driving events like a testraces; in areas not suitable for public transport (beaches, local roads, unpaved roads, prohibited areas, etc.), for the transport of people for commercial purposes,to rent to a third parties, to commit crimes, also when these are only punishable in accordance with law in force in the place where they were committed, for thetransport of illegal or easily flammable materials, toxic or otherwise dangerous.

6. The violation or non-compliance with one of the rules above or 5. will authorize Mas Rental Car to terminate without prior notice the rental agreement. Inthis case, possible requests for compensation for damages from the client will not be accepted and any damage to the vehicle will not be covered by our insurance.

Privacy policy:

1. MASRENTALCAR (YACASQUINTO S.L.) fully aware of the use and treatment that must be given to personal data and in accordance with the existing legalregulations in this regard (European Regulation 2016/679 GDP) and (Organic Law 3/2018 LOPDGDD), has implemented within the organization a system topreserve the security, integrity and confidentiality of data considered personal. The company reserves the right to deny any reservation request.

By signing this contract, you acknowledge having been informed and have accepted the previously mentioned terms and conditions.

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