Rental conditions

Bad practices have been detected in the car rental sector and that is why we have made an effort to find the most transparent and honest way when renting a car: “The rate that we show on from the first moment is the final price, without other hidden costs or withholdings on your card upon delivery.” To get the offered price to be the final price:

1º. We include in it:

  • Taxes (IGIC) included.
  • Unlimited mileage.

2º. We offer for free

  • Child seats and elevators.
  • Second driver

3º. We only have one type of insurance and it is included in the rate.



How is the franchise in Mas Rental Car car insurance?

It works the same as if you have contracted it with your private car and it is very simple, in the event of an accident the insured person will only have to pay €250, we will take care of the rest. Damage caused by driver negligence or non-compliance with the contract conditions would not be covered by any insurance, such as the following: refueling with the wrong fuel, damage to the underbody due to driving in places that are not suitable for public transport, and loss of keys among others.


How does Mas Rental Car guarantee the €250 excess?

We are against the bad practices that are common in many rental houses that force an increase in coverage with insurance at a price higher than the car rental itself. To avoid these situations and be able to have a payment guarantee, all we ask is that you let us write down the number on the front of the credit card, never on the back or CVV. And in the event that you do not want us to write down this data, we will need the cash delivery of €250 until the vehicle is returned. In any case, MasRentalCar reserves the right to withhold the amount of the franchise. This work formula has worked very well for the thousands of clients we have served over the years, as reflected in the score of 4.8 out of 5 stars in Google Reviews and the good comments that we are so grateful for.


Other conditions to take into account

  • Más Rental Car’s fuel policy is “Equal – Equal”, so the customer must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel with which it was delivered.
  • To modify your reservation, please contact the telephone number +34 630 106 460 or our email address
  • It is necessary to have the reservation number that comes with the acceptance email of the vehicle reservation to be able to pick it up
  • The driving license must be valid in Spain and a minimum of 3 years old. Also, the minimum age to rent is 25 years.
  • Más Rental Car is not responsible for objects left inside the vehicle.
  • In case of early return of the rented vehicle, MasRentalCar will not make any refund of the days not used, nor of the extras contracted for said days.
  • Cars cannot be moved outside of the island where they are removed.
  • The personal data provided through will be treated as confidential.
  • The driver is liable for infractions committed while driving the vehicle (fines, parking, etc.) in accordance with the Highway Code and other legal provisions in force.

These conditions are exclusive for reservations made through our website

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